Introducing the DIY ISP international mailing list


Today, the FFDN launched an international mailing list focused on Do It Yourself access to the Internet.

The members of the FFDN have been building such networks through local non-profit organizations for more than 2 years now, all across France. We want to share our experience, our difficulties and how we bypassed them, along with learning from similar experiments from all over the world. We believe this initiative will help all DIY ISPs to develop such networks and help building a better Internet infrastructure.

Internet is a network of networks, and we definitely need more independent networks to keep it strong and resilient. We're building these networks with the same methods Free Software has been built for decades, through collaboration, sharing of knowledge and datalove.

We hope this mailing list will help to share ideas, tech tips, every little thing that empowers people on the Internet and gives them more control on the infrastructure they're using, making large-scale censorship harder in the end. We hope it will also help strengthening a different kind of network across the world: a network of people, sharing a vibrant love for the Internet.

Join us and subscribe to the mailing list: DIY ISP.
An IRC channel is also available: #diy-isp on
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