Decentralised Internet devroom at FOSDEM 2017


As usual every year, Bruxelles will see people from all around the world gathering at FOSDEM, the biggest Free Software event in Europe.

FOSDEM main feature is its "devrooms". These are rooms dedicated to a particular theme. These themes are put forward and organised by the community, from programming languages (Python, Go, PHP, etc), legal, security, storage, virtualisation, backups or even design and games. The great news this year is to have a "Decentralised Internet" devroom, organised by both members of our federation and Tristan Nitot from Cozy Cloud.

This devroom, for which the schedule has been published, will give light to softwares, services and initatives enabling the escape from the current centralisation of Internet. Will be present projects such as Yunohost, Caliopen, Nextcloud, Diaspora and Cozy Cloud. You'll also find DIY ISPs such as Freifunk and Guifi. The incentive to decentralise services will also be put forward through the exemple of the CHATONS collective. And we will have the pleasure to have news from the Freedombox project, still active in Debian.

We sincerely hope this devroom will just be the first at FOSDEM. Our wishes for this event are for the people taking part in it, coming from all Europe, to benefit from meeting in the same place and that it will give strength and dynamic to all initiatives working towards Internet decentralisation. See you in Brussels!