Rules of procedure

This text is a translation (partially automated) of the statutes (in french), it hasn't any form of legal value, only an informational value.

Article 1 : Discussion and decision making procedures

1§ Voting procedures of the Administration Council

The Assembly of Volunteers as well as each ISP member through its pair of representatives can propose a motion to be voted on by the Administration Council. Except for the fast-track procedure, each vote proposed to the Administration Council must be subject to an enrichment phase (exchanges on the Administration Council's mailing list or discussion during the monthly meeting of the Assembly of Volunteers or a dedicated meeting) in order to best formulate the question and the proposed solutions.
Each Supplier Member has only one vote, the two members of the Administration Council do not vote on their behalf but as representatives of the Supplier Member. If there is no consensus within the Supplier Member, it is possible to bring this up by validating the decision at 75% for example.
Voting takes place over a period of 4 weeks. The votes are on behalf of the ISPs, secret ballot is not possible.
Voting is either by absolute majority of votes cast if there are only 2 options, or by approval vote. In case of a tie: a new vote is taken.
If necessary, an accelerated voting procedure of a minimum duration of 24 hours can be triggered provided that the urgency is justified. If, at the end of the accelerated vote, a vote AGAINST has been cast, the decision is not taken and is finally debated in an ordinary voting procedure. Otherwise the decision is accepted directly.

2§ Decision-making procedures of the Volunteer Assembly

Decisions are made by consensus at the meetings. Within two weeks, any member of the Volunteer Assembly may ask that the decision be reconsidered (if possible) and, if necessary, request a formal vote to include the entire assembly.
In the event of disagreement blocking a decision, the group may choose one of these options:
  • hold a dedicated meeting
  • transfer the issue to the Administration Council
  • a formal vote
Formal votes are held online. Each volunteer in the Volunteer Assembly has one vote. Voting takes place over a 3 week period. When deemed necessary, voting is done by secret ballot.
Voting takes place either by absolute majority of votes cast if there are only 2 options, or with a vote by approval. In case of a tie: a new vote is taken.
If necessary, an accelerated procedure similar to that of the Administration Council can be used under the same conditions.

§3 Preparation and follow-up of decisions

A person responsible for the preparation and follow-up of motions submitted to a formal vote is appointed :

  • from within the volunteer assembly, if the motion is proposed by the volunteer assembly;
  • among the representatives of the ISP that proposed the motion, if the motion originates from an ISP.

Before a motion is tabled, she informs the body concerned of its purpose and the deadlines for the vote, and, where applicable, of the accelerated procedure. At the end of the vote, she communicates the results to the Administration Council and the Assembly of Volunteers and, where appropriate, implements the decisions taken.

Article 2 : Membership Procedure

Suppliers wishing to join the FDN Federation will have to follow the following procedure:
  • Ensure compliance with the Charter of Good Practices and Common Commitments
  • Send the Federation a membership application accompanied by
    • a means of contact
    • a copy of their statutes and regulations
    • a copy of the decision, taken in accordance with the statutes, indicating the ratification of the Charter
    • a copy of the decision, taken in accordance with the statutes, requesting membership in the Federation FDN
    • a copy of the decision, taken in accordance with the Articles of Association, indicating who conducts the membership discussions with the FDN Federation on behalf of the Provider, if the Articles of Association do not explicitly provide for this case
    • any documents that the Administration Council of the Federation FDN may request in order to inform its decision
    • the designation of the individual members (and their email address) who are to form the representative pair on the Administration Council
    • a description of the situation of the association (at least number of members, possibly other information number of servers, services, their type (vm, pad, mumble ...), number of connections ... )
  • The Administration Council will then have a period of 2 months to render its motivated decision, or to ask for additional documents to investigate the case. In the absence of a decision by the Administration Council , membership is considered to have been refused.
A supplier whose membership has been refused, regardless of the reason for the refusal, may not apply for membership again until 6 months after the decision has been made, unless authorized by the Administration Council.
Membership is valid until the supplier member resigns, is dissolved, is expelled, or is removed from the rolls. The supplier member shall notify the Administration Council of any changes to its statutes and regulations.

Article 3 : Resignation of a member

The official resignation procedure includes the following steps: 
  • Notification to the Administration Council of the resignation from the association by his pair of representatives
  • Ratification of the resignation within two months by the Administration Council.
  • Resignation in fact
Each pair of representatives is invited to give monthly news of its ISP (at least: updated number of members).
On the other hand, each ISP is supposed to renew or renew its binomial annually.
If, after 12 months, an ISP has not given any news through its buddy, or has failed to renew its pair, the Volunteer Assembly tries to make contact; in case of failure after a period of 60 days, a registered letter can be sent. If the member provider has not responded within 60 days to the registered letter, the de facto resignation is recorded.

Article 4 : Exclusion of a member

The decision and modalities are the responsibility of :
  • the Administration Council, in the case of the exclusion of a supplier member
  • the Assembly of Volunteers, in the case of exclusion of a volunteer member