Why minding about telecom regulation?

One of the main activity of our federation is to get involved into telecom regulation ; mainly by dealing with ARCEP to get conditions for us (but not only) to operate properly.

It may seem something very obscure to you, and it may seem not to concern you directly ; especially since telecom regulation is about law and technics and this is far from being within everyone's reach. However, it is something quite important, for the Internet users that we are. It is actually essential to take an interest in this rather strange thing that telecom regulation is. And if the details are indeed a bit complex, the general principle and the stakes are reachable for everyone.

To convince you of this, our presidents took the microphone to tell you about what telecom regulation is, why we have an interest in it, and why it could help if you had also some interest in it. We have split this in four small videos about three minutes each, dealing with this subject in a way that is completely accessible to everyone. So do not hesitate to have a look!

Thanks a lot to our NetFreaks fellows who recorded and edited the videos. Thanks to our volonteers who have subtitled those videos so everyone can access them.