Why minding about telecom regulation?

One of the main activity of our federation is to get involved into telecom regulation ; mainly by dealing with ARCEP to get conditions for us (but not only) to operate properly.

It may seem something very obscure to you, and it may seem not to concern you directly ; especially since telecom regulation is about law and technics and this is far from being within everyone's reach. However, it is something quite important, for the Internet users that we are. It is actually essential to take an interest in this rather strange thing that telecom regulation is.

Call for Participation: General Assembly of the FFDN

The FDN Federation will hold its upcoming General Assembly in May, in western France. Besides the formal Assembly, it's mostly an opportunity for all non-profit ISPs of the Federation to meet, present their projects, and discuss.

We would like to invite other DIY ISPs or community networks, so that they can share their experience.