Net neutrality


“Fair Share”, IXP access, mutualisation … our take on the state of IP interconnections in francophone Europe for small non-profit ISPs

With ETNO’s call for a so called “fair share” of the profits of large content providers, and the recent political interest around this proposal, we, as small non-profit ISPs want to provide our view of the IP interconnection market in order to contribute to the debate.

Who are we ?

The FFDN, or FDN Federation, is a federation of small ISPs which have in common the absence of redistribution of profits, only seek to improve the network and the service provided, and to strictly abide by the rules of net neutrality. In short, ISPs for their users, by their users.

FDN Federation signs open letter to BEREC and national regulators on net neutrality

In a joint letter, FDN Federation, with 72 other civil society organisations from the five continents, calls on the European Telecom Regulators to uphold net neutrality in their current negotiations about the future of the Internet in Europe.

The FDN Federation joins the Save The Internet initiative !

BEREC, the European Telecoms Regulation organization, is about to produce recommendations in order to interpret the ambiguous Net Neutrality European Parliament's law last voted in october. BEREC is aiming to facilitate its application in Europe members states.