Who are we ?

Members of the FDN Federation are Non-Profit Internet Service Providers sharing common values: volunteer-based, solidarity-driven, democratic and non-profit working; defense and promotion of Net neutrality.

As such, the FDN Federation aims at making its members be heard in debates about freedom of speech and Net Neutrality.

It provides its members with tools to grow and address issues surrounding their missions as Internet Service Providers.

Call for Participation: General Assembly of the FFDN

The FDN Federation will hold its upcoming General Assembly in May, in western France. Besides the formal Assembly, it's mostly an opportunity for all non-profit ISPs of the Federation to meet, present their projects, and discuss.

We would like to invite other DIY ISPs or community networks, so that they can share their experience.

The FDN Federation supports RiseUp : « security is not a crime »

We took the initiative to reblog this text from Riseup's website. The FDN Federation supports this. It's about criminalizing the security practices of RiseUp as part of a criminal investigation in Spain.
Today, they come for email providers…tomorrow, they will come for us.

Federating Do-It-Yourself ISPs from around the world

Collaborative map of DIY ISPs initiatives

Last December, the FDN Federation attended the 30th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg.

It was a very fruitful event, which allowed us to meet many DIY ISP initiatives or community networks from all around the world. We discussed and exchanged about our goals, our difficulties, and possible solutions. It was also an opportunity for every project to present their tools.



Introducing the DIY ISP international mailing list


Today, the FFDN launched an international mailing list focused on Do It Yourself access to the Internet.

The members of the FFDN have been building such networks through local non-profit organizations for more than 2 years now, all across France. We want to share our experience, our difficulties and how we bypassed them, along with learning from similar experiments from all over the world. We believe this initiative will help all DIY ISPs to develop such networks and help building a better Internet infrastructure.


Revue de presse

[Les Nouvelles Vagues] Le village dans les zones blanches

Aujourd’hui, les villages sont situés dans des zones blanches, peu ou pas couvertes par le réseau internet. Nous recevons Benjamin Bayart et Pascal Hérard.

Benjamin Bayart est le président de la Fédération FDN  fournisseurs d’accès à internet associatifs ; Pascal Hérard  est informaticien, membre de la coopérative SCANI qui délivre un accès haut débit à des villages du nord de l’Yonne. Nous évoquons les déserts numériques ruraux d'aujourd'hui. [...]

[NextINpact] #QPCHertz : le Conseil constitutionnel censure la surveillance des communications hertziennes

Capture d'écran de l'article

Le Conseil constitutionnel vient de censurer l’article du Code de la sécurité intérieure qui autorise la surveillance des communications hertziennes sans aucun encadrement. Une décision rendue suite à une question prioritaire posée par La Quadrature du Net, French Data Network, la Fédération des fournisseurs d'accès à Internet associatifs et igwan.net. […]

[NextINpact] 73 organisations demandent au BEREC de défendre la neutralité du Net

Dans une lettre ouverte, 73 organisations appellent le groupement des régulateurs européens des télécoms à affirmer une définition stricte de la neutralité du Net. Cela dans les négociations qui doivent aboutir dans quelques mois.